Ask the removalists to help you clean up

Many of you out there would of used the service of a local removalists to help you move into your new home. But what many don’t know is that some companies can also help you remove the junk that has built up over the years. All you need to do is ask!

In this post I wanted to share my own personal experience of using a removals company to help me remove all of my junk and send it to a nearby op-shop. For those who don’t know what an op-shop is – it is simply a shop run by volunteers selling donated goods. For example clothes and picture frames.

It all happened a few years ago when I decided to move house due to a new position that I have secured. To be honest, I was excited about the move.. except for one thing. That one thing was what am I going to do with all my “junk”. Well, I refer to them as junk but I then soon realise that it may be useful to others. Like the old saying goes: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And it could not be any more true. That is when I decided to donate my collection to an op shop. But then I was presented with another problem – that is how do I take my belongings there?

Then I had a light bulb moment.. why not ask a removals company to help me move my unwanted junk. So I decided to call a local Perth removals company to take on the job. You can find out more about the Perth removalists here. Many of you might be asking how did I come up with the idea? Pretty simple really. Just like doing a house move, why should taking your belongings to another place (beside your home) be any different? Right? So all I did was ask and they were happy to oblige. Why wouldn’t they?

Although in this post we discussed more about the removals process. It still had a lot to do about the blog’s waste management theme. Think about it, by donating our unwanted goods to the op shop is somewhat clearing up the clutter at home and also recycling at the same time!

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