How to create a work of art from recyclable materials

They say that a person’s trash could be another person’s treasure! Creating art from recyclable materials is quite a trend these days, and it’s a great alternative in producing impressive art pieces.

We have plenty of materials to choose from, and we can incorporate almost any design possible. You can draw, sculpt, paint or recreate the following materials and come up with your unique works of art.

  1. Mosaic or Wall Art- this includes wall installations, pictures or paint canvass. Colorful magazines, newspapers, sweet wrappers and discarded fabrics. You can create an intricate collage using these materials or make mosaic and paper mâché. Advanced artists even use this technique in creating recognizable images of celebrities, politicians, random objects and sceneries.
  2. Tiles and glass- one is also able to make mosaics using broken tiles and glass. Others could form chandeliers, bowls and decorative pieces. However, you might need special tools and advanced skills to have a beautiful piece using this material.
  3. Textile art- Aside from the usual paintings, artists found a way to use textile fabric for making wall hangings, rugs, cushions and quilts.
  4. Jewelry art- old pieces of fancy jewelry, beads, and sequins can give you unique designs. Just add more elements like buttons and old zippers and whatever suits your eclectic taste. Others use these materials to beautify their makeup kits and glamor up their niche sections.
  5. Wood art- recycled pieces of woods are quite good for sculpting. However, it will require you to have some knowledge in carving and shaping woods. You can also create furniture out of it if you are that extra skillful. I found some online videos where people created swings, tree houses, storage boxes and wall dividers using discarded woods and other materials.
  6. Cans and plastic bottle art- these materials are everywhere, and you can use them in building things like a robot or animal toys for kids. A little glue and tape here and there and some fancy paints can turn these wastes into decorative

These are just basic ideas, and probably, you already know some of them. Art recycling is not as difficult as it may seem since there is a myriad of materials to use and reuse. It’s all up to your creativity and patience to look for patterns and execute the task. Always combine functionality and beauty, and you are all set to helping Mother Nature!

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